1. What is
Vigorous Mining is a new bitcoin mining platform that offers short term contract to investors.
All our contracts last for only 24 hours but the return is higher than our competitors that
offer long term contract.

2. How your platform does works?
Our platform is a real bitcoin mining. We have sophisticated bitcoin mining plant that is very
powerful and mine vigorously. We give limited slots to few users daily to mine and make profit
on our platform.

3. Is your platform a software?
No, we use bitcoin hardware to mine bitcoin 24/7. The strength of our hardware is very high that
is how come we sell short term contracts that bring high return. Bitcoin can only be mine through
hardware. All platforms that promised a software to mine bitcoin for you are not true.

4. Do I need to create account on your platform?
We respect privacy of our users and since bitcoin itself ensure anonymity, our platform is highly
anonymous. We do not ask any sensitive information about you.

5. How long does mining take?
Every mining contract on our platform is for 24 hours and the hourly bitcoins mined are deposited
into your wallet directly.

6. How many times can I buy mining contract on your platform?
You can buy unlimited contract on our platform as long as there is slot available.

7. How can I know there is mining slot available on your platform?
We update our website very quickly about the slots that are available.

8.Is there a possibility that I lose my money?
No way. You cannot lose your mining in vigorous bitcoin mining on our platform. You will
definitely make profit with our mining technique.

9. What if in any case my mining fail?
Mining cannot fail but then there can be errors due to many factors. If this happen, we will
give you full refund then you can try again.

10. Do you have any hidden fee?
Our mining term is very short so we do not charge any maintenance fee or any other hidden fee.
Our mining is 100% transparent.

11. Do you have referral program?
Yes, our referral program pays 12% commission on every bitcoin your referral mined. This is very
lucrative especially if you have many referrals mining actively since our mining pays really high.

12. What if I send lower than the minimum amount for any plan?
Our system will reject any low payment. With this in mind, it is advisable to pay higher than the
minimum fee always to avoid drops due to bitcoin liquidity.

13. What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions, contact us on