Vigorous mining is a bitcoin mining platform that uses bitcoin hardware to mine bitcoin 24/7.
The hardware we use is a new bitcoin hardware developed with higher efficiency than what is
currently in the market.
What we do is, to sell short term bitcoin mining contracts to our clients and our technology
mine for them within 24 hours with their profit deposited into their bitcoin wallet every
hour till 24 hours then the contract will expire and the user have to renew it.
Our bitcoin mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of Cryptocurrencies,
as well as for cryptocurrency experts and large-scale miners. Vigorous mining is the World’s
first large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service offering an alternative to those who
would like to engage in Bitcoin.
We are a team of experts in the digital currency sector, and our bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
mining algorithms are designed to provide the most efficient and reliable mining rentals.
The return our technology will bring within 24 hours is extremely high. We are not Ponzi
scheme nor HYIP. We are direct bitcoin cloud mining platform that sell short term contract.
Our platform can make you bitcoin rich if only you give us a trial and see the result
for yourself.
Making such high amount of bitcoin on our platform is definitely too good to be true. Scammers
promise people high returns to lure them but we are not into deceiving anyone to take money but
we are into real mining with bitcoin hardware.
We are knowledgeable and uses advance blockchain hardware technology to mine bitcoin vigorously
within short time.
Our technology do not need too many users so we always have limited slots available. The mining
hashpower we give to users on our platform is very high and this is the reason our mining is so
vigorous. Our mining hashpower is so cheap as compared to any competitor in the market and our
contract is very short term and will help users to make profit fast and reinvest more.
Our platform do not require many users therefore we have limited mining slots available.
Our $150 plan seems to be the most patronage plan and mostly not available. If one package is
not available, just go ahead and use the other package.
We are located in Iceland where cheap thermal energy is accessible to lower the cost of energy
usage for mining.
Our platform is 100% safe for mining and we give 100% guarantee on the result promised on every
mining contract.
Use our platform for mining today and become rich tomorrow.
Welcome to the world of the riches!

Team Picture
Meet Our Expert Team

Jack Bagley
CEO Vigorous Mining Group/Founder
PhD in Engineering